The Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


The WGSS Department recognizes that gender and sexuality always operate in intersectional ways with other categories of identity, including race, ethnicity, and social class.  Our research and teaching explore how the meanings of these intersectional identities are created and transformed in specific historical, geographical, transnational, and cultural contexts.   We encourage students to think critically about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and social class; engage in social justice issues; and challenge social inequality.

Professor Saba Fatima, Associate Professor in Philsophy at SIU-Edwardsville
This event is open to the public - St. Louis University, Boileau Hall @ 6:00 pm
Professor Nicosia Shakes, The College of Wooster
This event is open to the public - McMillan Cafe @ 11:30 am
Professor Jessica Levy, Brown School Senior Lecturer
This event is open to the public - McMillan Cafe @ 12:00 pm